A Blog title is Born.

How did I come up with that title you might ask yourself. If you don’t speak Spanish, or even if you do and you are wondering, ” Why the french?” – a la Carrera. Well, let me quickly tell you. Quite simply, I can’t get back into my blog http://maestracarrera.blogspot.com/  to blog. I have had an entry all written up for quite some time, but I cannot log in. I knew I wanted to do Slice of Life. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of Maestra Carrera. Maybe it’s a sign. So, at the last minute and a la Carrera (in a rush), true to my name, I just created a new one (with the help of Angela Gonzales.) It’s not pretty, the page needs work, but I completed Day 1with a few minutes to spare!

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