Taking a break.

#SOL19 Day 4

So I decided to take a break from Facebook. I kinda had without really disconnecting. I hadn’t really posted in a while. Every now and then I would just scroll through the feed, catching up on the goings on of friends and family. I realized that it really was just a lazy way of keeping in touch. I’d like to think that I am a pretty social person, but is this really being social? I think not. As part of my sacrifice for Lent, I decided to actually remove the app off my phone. Previously, I had just buried it with all the apps no one uses and turned off notifications. You may be wondering how abandoning friends is serving a lenten purpose. It’s more about being a real friend. My intention is to put in more effort that a simple click of a thumbs-up like. I hope to use this time to send a text, maybe actually dial a number or use paper, an envelope and one of those what do you call them? oh yeah- stamps! I think the project should work.

I’ve already interacted more with my “friends” , just on this one post, than I have in the past 6 months. I may be on to something.

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