Bilingual, Biliterate, Bicultural BY Choice-Part 1

#SOL19 Day 5

Thank you to Hector J. Ramirez for an inspiring workshop on biliteracy. My mind was spinning. He masterfully pulled together so much of what I have heard, read, say and believe all while leaving me pumped about the work our students deserve us to be doing. This is only the beginning… I’m not sure it counts as a #SLICE, but as we learned today:

Read, write…right after you learn. This is helping me process, I hope it helps you too. Stay tuned for more Biliteracy mañana.

  • “Welcome to my classroom WORKSHOP”
  • There’s a “Julio” in every class
  • Julio deserves to learn to
  • MINI lesson should be Mini
  • Teach for growth, not mastery
  • Enough for today
  • Just a bite, another bite tomorrow
  • Lead, release (creates responsibility), regain- often!
  • Developmental – as much as you can
  • Growth over time
  • Don’t kill the love of learning
  • Metacognitive and metalinguistic
  • It’ OK to be confused
  • Allow the struggle
  • It’s like a carousel, lots of moving pieces, not all in the same place
  • Dig deeper. normal to AMAZING
  • Use Complex text
  • All assessment should come from writing
  • Test the standard, not the story
  • Spanish spirals, English Linear.

Stop questioning the standards. Get on the Balanced Biliteracy highway; if needed add a new lane, slow down, stop, choose your vehicle, but stay on the highway. Since I wrote in English I chose a bulleted list to be direct and succinct. Tomorrow I may take you on a ride on my winding Spanish Highway.

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