#SOL19 Day 11

Although I have heard the justification and reasons for changing the time in spring and fall, I still have the same question…

WHY mess with my system? Just when I had gotten in a pretty good habit of waking up earlier, spring forward. Do they not know what this does to a body? Even so, I set my alarm for what would feel like 4:30. I woke up relatively easily. Got ready and was waiting for my hubby to pick me up at 6:15, just in time for morning mass.

6:15 comes around. Nothing. I call him. Nothing. Dial again, Nothing.

Guess who’s internal clock did not reset? You guessed it. My hubby. Normally not a big deal, but he had taken my car the night before. When he finally called, half hour later, to apologize for not waking up. I settled down in my comfy chair with my cup of tea, and prayed for the construction in my house to be completed quickly and for patience at having woken up extra early for no reason, especially on the day after this cruel thing called Daylight Saving Time.

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