#SOL19 Day 12

Friday’s Game that I got to see live.

You may have noticed that I kinda skipped day 9 and 10 OF Slice. I don’t think enough people are following me on a regular basis or enough to have noticed, but my Catholic guilt could not let it go. So, I must confess. Friday I was playing the role of cheering mom. My youngest was in town playing Volleyball. I get a little into the games, one might say. It was great to see my” 6’4″ baby”, spend time with some of the nephews who came out to cheer him on, and even his high school coaches, who joined us. I had great intentions of what the blog would say about their landslide win, but the words never quite made it “to the paper”.

What I was going to write about was how I had mixed emotions about the win. As happy as I was that they did win, I was a little disappointed at how easy it was . Funny how just 2 weeks earlier, I would have given anything for a win and was devastated at the loss that took them to 5 excruciating point by point sets . Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the win, I guess I got used to the intensity of play from the previous matches.

Saturday’s game that I missed.

I missed Saturday’s games due to tax preparation most of the day. The stats clearly showed they continued the winning streak. Thus the face on my lovely goggle-faced #7. Go Duhawks!

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