Random Facts About Me

#SOL 19 Day23

  • I am the youngest of seven.
  • All of my siblings were born in Mexico, I was in the making when my entire family migrated to the US.
  • I’m not really a dog person. even though we have a German Shepard.
  • I have traveled to 5 different countries.
  • I’m not afraid or scared when alone, but I don’t like scary movies.
  • I can watch a whole movie before realizing I had already watched it.
  • I cannot reread a novel I have already read.
  • Teaching is my second career. My undergrad was in Business.
  • I have a green thumb.
  • I like to draw.
  • I go to mass, almost daily.
  • One day, I would love to go to Australia, Alaska Africa and Heaven.
  • I do not like worms.
  • I don’t like to chew gum
  • I was a cheerleader and a pom pom girl, back in the day.
  • My husband was the only boyfriend I ever had.
  • I enjoy camping. (The trailer with beds and plumbing kind.)
  • I hope to one day write a book.

Inspired by Jessica Baran http://readingsthebaum18.blogspot.com/

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