Just can’t resist this temptation!

#SOL19 Day 28

The Library Book Return Cart at Emerson

Dream Job: Book Reader

I’m just going to put that out there into the universe. You never know, someone may read this and have just that position available. If so, please respond below in comments below!

So, I just innocently walk in to Emerson to meet with a teacher and this mound of temptation is calling my name. (almost literally) No, it’s not a jar full of chocolate or a scrumptious piece of cake. It is a pile of books on the Library Return cart. What book is right on top?

How cold I resist? It’s Lucille Ball. I LOVE LUCY! I am Lucy. It will only take a minute…Oh my, her grandmother was mean…Don’t give up Lucy…Not another rejection…

Words to live by Lucy! What a great reminder. Also a great reminder of the power of books. I kinda wanted to find the student that had just returned it and see if they had gotten as much out of this book as I had. Perseverance, optimism, resilience not to mention funny, were just a few of the words that popped into my head as I read. I hope I share more than my name with this amazing woman. But now, I really have to go…or do I have time for maybe just one more?

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