The Day after #SOL

The exact number of days it takes before something becomes a habit varies anywhere from 18 to 250 days. In reality I think there are a lot of factors, but In having participated in Slice of Life 2019, I am on my way to forming a habit of getting some thoughts down to help reflect about the day.

This blog is actually inspired by my goddaughter’s homework. We are having a sleepover and her teacher assigned a digital journal to keep her students writing during spring break. She was struggling to get something down. Once I prompted her, she was on her way. I told her I would join her, to show her writing is important. It continues even as an adult and we can enjoy it, not just look at it as something “we have to do.” She was thrilled to know that she was the subject of my writing. Since she is in a Dual Language class, I asked her to add something in Spanish. Le dije que escribiera algo en español y yo iba hacer lo mismo. Es importante usar los dos idiomas lo más que se pueda para mejorar cada vez mas. Funny how a little modeling goes a long way.

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