The Day after #SOL

The exact number of days it takes before something becomes a habit varies anywhere from 18 to 250 days. In reality I think there are a lot of factors, but In having participated in Slice of Life 2019, I am on my way to forming a habit of getting some thoughts down to help reflect about the day.

This blog is actually inspired by my goddaughter’s homework. We are having a sleepover and her teacher assigned a digital journal to keep her students writing during spring break. She was struggling to get something down. Once I prompted her, she was on her way. I told her I would join her, to show her writing is important. It continues even as an adult and we can enjoy it, not just look at it as something “we have to do.” She was thrilled to know that she was the subject of my writing. Since she is in a Dual Language class, I asked her to add something in Spanish. Le dije que escribiera algo en español y yo iba hacer lo mismo. Es importante usar los dos idiomas lo más que se pueda para mejorar cada vez mas. Funny how a little modeling goes a long way.

Just can’t resist this temptation!

#SOL19 Day 28

The Library Book Return Cart at Emerson

Dream Job: Book Reader

I’m just going to put that out there into the universe. You never know, someone may read this and have just that position available. If so, please respond below in comments below!

So, I just innocently walk in to Emerson to meet with a teacher and this mound of temptation is calling my name. (almost literally) No, it’s not a jar full of chocolate or a scrumptious piece of cake. It is a pile of books on the Library Return cart. What book is right on top?

How cold I resist? It’s Lucille Ball. I LOVE LUCY! I am Lucy. It will only take a minute…Oh my, her grandmother was mean…Don’t give up Lucy…Not another rejection…

Words to live by Lucy! What a great reminder. Also a great reminder of the power of books. I kinda wanted to find the student that had just returned it and see if they had gotten as much out of this book as I had. Perseverance, optimism, resilience not to mention funny, were just a few of the words that popped into my head as I read. I hope I share more than my name with this amazing woman. But now, I really have to go…or do I have time for maybe just one more?

Todo puede cambiar en un instante.

La pierna de mi sobrino.

#SOL19 Día26

Pensaba que hoy tendría tiempo de relajar un poco, ya que es el único día que no tenía ningún compromiso después de la escuela. Nunca me imagine que recibiría un mensaje de mi hermana, diciendo que su nieto estaba en el hospital esperando que lo operaran. Inmediatamente llegan las preguntas. ¿Qué paso?, ¿Cómo paso?, ¿Dónde paso?, ¿Ahora, qué va pasar?

Se quebró la pierna, el fémur. Se calló de su patineta en el parque con su amigo. Lo llevaron de emergencia al hospital. Lo tuvieron que trasladar a otro hospital y después de mucho esperar, lo operaron casi 24 horas más trade. Nos fuimos todos para acompañar la familia en la espera. El oírlos contar del susto y el dolor me hizo sentir culpable de mis planes de “relajarme” esta tarde. Doy gracias a Dios que todo salió bien y pronto se recuperará, pero una nunca sabe. Los planes pueden cambiar en un instante. Hay que siempre estar agradecidos por todas las cosan que nos van bien.

Starbucks Tea & Me (Warning: Bilingüe Post)

#SOL19 Day 25

I think! that’s what I ordered. Starbucks ordering stresses me out. I actually prefer Dunkin’ Coffee to Starbucks (should have added that to my previous post, Random Facts About Me) But apparently, I’m not the only one ( see picture above right). Finally after years of coming with my husband and daughter, I have a few “go-tos” for coffee, but I am not drinking coffee. So, I had to venture in the tea choices…Sabe a la yerbabuena que me hacía mi mamá cuando me sentía mal.

I always picture myself chillin’ here, escribiendo mi libro, (el que un día voy a escribir), entre otros personajes excéntricos, artísticos, con vidas interesantes. Pero en realidad, no me siento muy inspirada. The rock song that’s blasting through the speaker is making me jumpier than a Dark Roast Colombian Venti. Also, I never noticed how loud the coffee grinder is. Anyhow, here comes my friend. Maybe this ambiance will be more conducive to a work meeting than to this struggling writer’s craft.

En el futuro, intentaré de crear el ambiente deseado de “Starbucks” en mi propio hogar, con mis propios amigos, excéntricos, artísticos, con vidas interesantes.

Random Facts About Me

#SOL 19 Day23

  • I am the youngest of seven.
  • All of my siblings were born in Mexico, I was in the making when my entire family migrated to the US.
  • I’m not really a dog person. even though we have a German Shepard.
  • I have traveled to 5 different countries.
  • I’m not afraid or scared when alone, but I don’t like scary movies.
  • I can watch a whole movie before realizing I had already watched it.
  • I cannot reread a novel I have already read.
  • Teaching is my second career. My undergrad was in Business.
  • I have a green thumb.
  • I like to draw.
  • I go to mass, almost daily.
  • One day, I would love to go to Australia, Alaska Africa and Heaven.
  • I do not like worms.
  • I don’t like to chew gum
  • I was a cheerleader and a pom pom girl, back in the day.
  • My husband was the only boyfriend I ever had.
  • I enjoy camping. (The trailer with beds and plumbing kind.)
  • I hope to one day write a book.

Inspired by Jessica Baran

Attitude of Gratitude

#SOL19 Day22

On January 21st of this year, I started using a “Self Journal” given to me as a gift from a lovely friend at Christmas. (Why I started using a journal that I had since Christmas on an odd date like January 21st, is a blog for another time.) Anyhow, one of the things the journal has is a morning and evening section for 3 things I am grateful for.

90 day Self Journal

I read somewhere, how it is very hard to be mad or upset if you start the day with an attitude of gratitude. Before you even get out of bed list three things you are grateful for. This journal affirmed that and has helped me make progress towards this beautiful ritual. Notice I say, “make progress” versus, I now do this daily. Gratitude for progress, versus completion or perfection, is something this journal has helped me with.

This bring me to today’s slice.

Something I will write in the section: Tonight I am grateful for:

A picturesque sky in Berwyn
  • This amazing sky, as I traveled from Hiawatha to Emerson down East Ave.
  • Leah, who inspired me with all her pictures and blog posts, to stop and capture the moment.
  • Having Making time to blog. I’ve missed two days, but picked it back up…progress not perfection.

In writing this post, I looked through my lists of things I was grateful for and realized that most days it is the small things that often go unnoticed or taken for granted that made it to the list.

  • Lunch with a friend
  • sleeping in
  • heat
  • family dinner
  • hot showers
  • chicken soup
  • game night
  • snow/cold day off of school
  • blankets
  • a working car
  • waking up
  • a visit from family
  • socks

Just to name a few. Try it. Before your feet hit the ground tomorrow think of three things you are grateful for. At the end of the day do the same. This may be just the attitude adjustment that is needed.

Sonríe Smile – A smile is the same in any language.

#SOL19 Day 19

I truly felt this was a sign when I fist saw it in the hall at Komensky School. I was talking to a colleague when I noticed it and I couldn’t help but…you guessed it, smile!

“Wait a minute I’m noticing a trend here.”

and again?

So there you have it. Words to the wise. Let your smile change the world. Throughout the day this adorable image reminded me I was on a mission. Change the world,

one smile at a time!

Literally a Slice. Fruit Salad.

#SOL19 Day 18 (posted day 19 due to dead battery)

A colorful, flavorful, mix of textures, colors, tastes to end the day, metaphorically represents the fullness and diversity of my day . Starting at 5:30 right through until 10:30 pm when I was laying in bed drafting this post in my head, because my battery (computer and personal) was about to die.

My “a la Carrera” 🚘 run through -🏡Get ready, 🚘💒 morning mass, 🚘 🏘 drop off clothes to get fixed, 🚘🏡 prep lunch, 🚘🏫 Dual team “cafecito” meeting , followed by coachee -teacher classroom visit, 🚘🏫 PD prep with EL core leader/colleague, 🚘🏫 meet with other coachee, pd prep for afternoon session while eating lunch, present PD en ESPAÑOL, 🚘🏡 prepare FRUIT SALAD for meeting, 🚘 ⛪️ministry meeting, 🚘🏡 prep for tomorrow to start all over again!

(Each 🚘 or 🏡 or ⛪️ represents driving to a different building or location.)

School bag, lunch bag church bag, clothes bag, PD prize bag, PD materials bag.
#of bags =intensity of daily activity💼👛👜👝🎒
Good thing I don’t carry a purse!

Back to the fruit salad metaphor ; although the day had many flavors; some tangy, some sweet, many colors; some bright, some not , many textures; some crisp, some soft: all mixed together it ended in a satisfying and fulfilling way.

Yo quiero Taco Bell

#SOL19 Día 17

Había dicho que iba tratar de escribir en español para practicar. Pero les confieso que se me ha hecho un poco difícil. En parte porque temo el ser juzgada por mis errores. En realidad, debo de estar orgullosa de mi español, porque aparte de unos meses a la edad de 6 o 7, nunca he estudiado como leer o escribir en español.  Por lo tanto, hay les va…

Un homenaje a la mujer que me enseño más que cualquier maestro o profesor- mi madre.  En su honor ayer me comí unos tacos de Taco Bell.  Para las que no la conocieron, mi madre es una de las mujeres más mexicanas y tradicionales que puede haber. Aunque muchos mexicanos no reconocen la comida de Taco Bell como platillos mexicanos, a mi mamá le encantaba.  No siempre lo podía comer, pero de vez en cuando me decía — Mija, como que tengo ganas de unos tacos de Taco Bell. Yo le complacía su deseo y la acompañaba con unos “Tacos Supreme”.  Un detalle tan insignificante, pero un recuerdo muy hermoso. 

Ayer compre mis dos tacos.

Me los lleve a la casa de mi hermana donde vivía mi mama.

Disfruté el recuerdo de haberla acompañado en tantas comidas sencillas, hechas especial por las conversaciones, historias y risas que compartimos.

Language is amazing.

Language complexity

#SOL19 Day14

Language is such a complex, amazing thing. The fact that you are reading this sentence right now and immediately conjuring up ideas and images in your brain just by having your eyes transmit a message through these peculiar characters we can letters, in a set pattern that form words, in a sequence that forms a sentence – is crazy. I think I am relatively on top of the whole language thing , because I work with language learners daily, and have robust meta-linguistic conversations with fellow educators all the time. I consider myself in tune with the details of letter formation, meaning making through letters and words and so many other things that most adults take for granted since they haven’t spent, hours, days, month and years working with little ones and seeing the lightbulb go on when they “GET IT.” Not to mention that I am bilingual and biliterate and am always learning and teaching about the complexities of how language works.

Sitting through a Latin mass yesterday shone a new light on just how complex language can be. I am pretty familiar with all the mass parts, I speak Spanish which is derived from a dialect of latin thus having very similar sounding words, but I admit, I was at a loss. I kept thinking about language learners of all kinds and how real the struggle is.

I’m a relatively smart person. I was interested in the topic, familiar with the content, knew what to expect, knew some key vocabulary , yet was unable to fully participate and even distracted and frustrated at times. This was only for a span of 35-40 minutes. I sympathized greatly with our students, many of whom sit through a similar situation all day.

Trying not to be negative, I focused on the beauty and power of language. We take for granted our ability to use words and body language to communicate, whether we speak the same language or not. It is incredible how entire societies have used language throughout the centuries. How language changes and evolves daily. How we learn idiosyncrasies and nuances of using language in different settings, contexts or with different people. I am amazed at the ability of the human brain to process at incredible speed the accent on a word, the tilt of the head, the inflection of a voice.

Take a moment to appreciatel for your ability to hear, read, speak, write and communicate a thought , message or feeling on demand without much effort.